Where can I order my FLYERBELT?


The FLYERBELT is available exclusively on

We guarantee a secure and quick transaction through our secure online-shop.




How do I choose my belt size?









You can choose your FLYERBELT size by using an existing belt. The

length of the belt in cm is being determined by measuring from the

inner frame of the belt buckle to the center hole of the leather strap.

Our standard sizes are 85-125 cm.


As the metric measuring method differs from the US standard system, it is best to measure an existing belt according to the drawing above.

If you know your belt size in inches, we have converted the sizes accordingly in the table below (taking the differences in measuring methods into consideration). Please feel free to contact us at, if you are unsure about sizing.


Metric Size – Inch Size

85 cm – 32 inch

90 cm – 34 inch

95 cm – 36 inch

100 cm – 38 inch

105 cm – 40 inch

110 cm – 42 inch

115 cm – 44 inch

120 cm – 46 inch

125 cm – 48 inch


Are there situations when I have to take off my FLYERBELT?


The trademark and unique design feature of the FLYERBELT – the red prong – will easily identify you to security officers as a frequent traveler and will allow you to pass through security without having to take off your FLYERBELT.


Please note that it is the decision of each individual security officer to ask you to remove your belt. Please see our map on WORLD PROVEN, which shows all airports where the FLYERBELT has been worn by our customers.



What material is the Flyerbelt made of?


The FLYERBELT is a men’s leather dress belt made in Germany. The inner side consists of soft genuine suede and the smooth exterior is made of the finest cowhide.

The edges are repeatedly polished and lacquered in order to obtain smooth, chamfered edges.




What material is the belt buckle made of?


The belt buckle is made of solid-colored fiber-glass reinforced composite

material which is shatterproof and completely metal-free.




What are my options if my FLYERBELT does not fit?


You can exchange your Flyerbelt free of charge or return it against full refund (see our terms and conditions).




How much are the shipping charges?


Your FLYERBELT will be shipped by registered mail.
Find our shipping charges here.




What are the shipping lead times?


Your FLYERBELT will be dispatched within 2 working days after receiving your order and payment. Shipping times will vary by country.




Which payment methods are being accepted? gladly accepts PayPal, credit card or direct deposit.


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